Putting value of news in the center
The JoongAng Ilbo, which was launched in 1965, is a newspaper delivering the latest
news of the world with accuracy and insight. We are committed to prioritizing the
truth of the story, the value of integration, and the growth of tomorrow at the center
of our operations.
The history of the JoongAng Ilbo reflects the history of the Korean media innovation.
The JoongAng Ilbo made the first attempt in Korea to use Korean instead of Chinese
characters in the headlines, introduced horizontal text and sections, hired experts as
journalists and launched a digital news service. In March 2009, the JoongAng Ilbo
was the first newspaper in Asia to switch to the Berliner format. Such pioneering
moves reflect our efforts to put our readers before anything else.
The JoongAng Ilbo has the widest global network. We forge close relationships with
distinguished media around the world such as the New York Times, Bloomberg, and
CNN in the United States, Nihon Keizai Shimbun and JiJi Press in Japan and Xinhua
News Agency in China. The JoongAng Ilbo provides objective and accurate reporting
and is thus the most widely cited media when it comes to international media reports
on Korea.
A high-caliber weekend newspaper
The only Sunday edition newspaper in Korea launched by the JoongAng Ilbo in 2007,
the JoongAng SUNDAY started reaching readers nationwide from Saturday, March 17,
2018. In a digital era with a flood of information, the JoongAng SUNDAY aims to
provide quality content for the discerning reader. It offers depth and richness in its
stories and fills readers’ weekend with more pleasure of reading.
Korea’s only global-local newspaper
The Korea JoongAng Daily is an English newspaper published by the JoongAng Ilbo.
It is distributed six days a week with the New York Times International Edition.
It provides readers with major Korean news from the JoongAng Ilbo and timely,
in-depth reports by its own dedicated team of reporters.
The New York Times is the world’s leading daily newspaper. The New York Times
delivers round-the-clock events happening all around the world with coverage by
an unparalleled staff of reporters and editors.
Korea’s largest news media
in the United States
The Korea Daily published by the JoongAng Ilbo and the U.S. Branch of the JoongAng
Ilbo is the most widely read Korean newspaper in the United States. It provides local
news gathered by its own reporting team along with the latest news from Korea
provided by the JoongAng Ilbo.
Content exchange between the Korea Daily and the JoongAng Ilbo has become more
active since 2010. News from the United States such as the Beverly Hills Mom, and
Far East Movement stories are posted on the JoongAng Ilbo in Korea.
Your channel for diverse enjoyment
JTBC was launched in December 2011 after ranking the highest in the government’s
2010 evaluation of new broadcast license applicants. Within three years of its launch,
it was selected by viewers as the most fair and beneficial channel. JTBC had
ranked No.1 in viewer satisfaction for 2 consecutive years (2017-2018) and in the
Broadcasting Channel Performance for 4 consecutive years (2015-2018) by the KISDI.
Led by the Newsroom, JTBC’s news programs take a step further to get the
comprehensive story with segments such as Fact-Check and Anchor-Briefing. Also,
for the first time in Korea, a live broadcast of the main news was streamed online and
on social media, engaging with audiences beyond traditional platforms.
JTBC creates a new world with differentiated content. It offers a variety of fun and
excitement through Dramas with dignity such as SKY Castle, The Light in Your Eyes,
The Lady in Dignity, Secret Affair, Childless Comfort and variety entertaining shows
including Men on a Mission, Dining Together, Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, Camping Club,
Chef & My Fridge , Hidden Singer.
Guaranteeing viewers’ delight
Launched in March 2016, JTBC2 is a comprehensive entertainment channel that
expresses different enjoyment. JTBC2 airs in-house program reflecting the trend in a
candid and witty manner. It creates crossover contents that can be broadcast
simultaneously in new media through collaboration with various partners. Also JTBC2
swiftly airs JTBC’s entertainment shows and dramas.
Featuring comprehensive sports content
JTBC3 GOLF&SPORTS is a channel launched in 2015 with Fox International Channels(FIC),
the world’s largest television network. This channel offers live coverage of international sports leagues,
series and events including grand slam tennis tournaments and Formula 1 motor racing.
The trend and lifestyle channel
JTBC4 was launched on April, 2018. Under the slogan Trendy Everyday, JTBC4
provides various lifestyle content on beauty, travel and food mainly targeting female
viewers between the ages of 20 and 34. JTBC4 offers original and intriguing content
that will offer trendy inspiration and edge to millennial women.
Channel dedicated to golf
JTBC GOLF, launched in 2005, is a channel with exclusive rights to live coverage of major domestic
and international golf tours and men’s and women’s major golf championships
for the Korean market. Through exclusive live telecasts of the LPGA Tour,
JTBC GOLF showcased the remarkable feats of Korean women golfers for domestic audiences.
It is further expanding its presence in Korea by securing PGA Tour content as well.
Studio Lululala
Familiar but new entertainment. Cross media studio with a presence across multiple platforms
Launched in July 2017, Studio Lululala is a JTBC Studio-affiliated digital entity
offering original content targeting millennials and Generation Z.
Studio Lululala is establishing itself as a cross-media studio providing diverse content
such as entertainment, drama, and lifestyle programs through multiple channels
including TV, digital, IPTV, and OTT platforms. It is producing and distributing popular content
such as ‘Wassup Man’ which was a trailblazer in the digital entertainment field,
‘Work Man’ which became the fastest broadcaster YouTube channel
to hit 1 million subscribers, and newly rising killer content 'Season B Season.’
Korea's first all-inclusive studio expands K-Content horizon
JTBC Studio, previously called JTBC Content Hub, was renamed in February 2020
to start anew as a full-fledged production studio. It is the first in Korea to
encompass the complete spectrum of operations including planning, production,
investment, and distribution. JTBC Studio is blazing a trail with well-made
and eye-catching content not bound by conventional platforms and formats.
Its works are trendsetters and include not only dramas produced by the best teams in Korea,
such as 'Sky Castle', 'The World of the Married', and 'Itaewon Class' but also movies and digital content.
In addition, JTBC Studio is strengthening the global competitiveness of its content
by forging strategic alliances with global OTT services and building partnerships with
globally-renowned studios. In addition, JTBC Studio is diversifying its business
by entering into new fields including music, concerts and performances, merchandising
and management based on its intellectual property portfolio.
MEGABOX is a multiplex space where you meet new stories, mingle and play,
and share good times together. MEGABOX is here to provide fun and happy days for everyone.
Beyond being a Life Theater bringing inspiration to your daily lives through value-packed content,
it is creating a multiplex space to present exciting experiences.
It is the first in Korea to introduce DOLBY CINEMA, the immersive theater based on the best
cutting-edge technology in the world, to offer the ultimate cinematic experience.
It also offers Boutique Private theater which comes with premium amenities and “room service”
to make your special moments even more spectacular. Meanwhile, MX theater features
the Meyer Sound System chosen by Carnegie Hall and Opera House, while Dolby Atmos Sound System
renders sound effects from the movies independently.
Megabox also presents Classic Society, making it possible to enjoy globally acclaimed classical
performances in a movie theater. It also runs Film Society which offers screenings of
movies recommended by critics as well as programs for film talks and classes.
Through these offerings, we hope to help make our customers’ daily lives as fun and exciting as the movies.
A four-season resort presenting
charms of all four seasons
Phoenix Hotels & Resorts is a four-season resort located in Pyeongchang and Jeju.
Phoenix Park, which was opened in 1995, has been renamed Phoenix Hotels & Resorts
in 2016. As the vision of Phoenix Hotels & Resorts is to win the hearts of customers
and to offer enjoyable experiences, it provides to our customers to present them with
unforgettable moments.
With a clean air and clean environment of Gangwon Province, Phoenix Pyeongchang is
a resort complex to enjoy all four seasons located at a clean highland rising 700m
above sea level. It consists of Phoenix Snow Park used for the winter games at the
2018 Winter Olympics, Blue Canyon (the Water Park and outdoor spa) and Phoenix
Country Club designed by Jack Nicklaus.
Phoenix Jeju is a nature-friendly marine-resort complex developed to preserve Jeju’s
natural environment and bring people, architecture, and culture into one. Located in
Seopjikoji, Phoenix Jeju is the place where you can see both the sunrise and the sunset
with beautiful ocean views. It also consists of the Glass House and Yumin Art both
designed by Tadao Ando who is a world-class architect known for capturing nature.